Tom & Debbie O'Carroll

Irish-born folk singer, Tom O'Carroll and his wife, Debbie, a magician and actress, created this program to introduce children to many different aspects of Irish culture. They use music, stage magic, songs, poetry, stories, props and costumes to delight  young audiences with the history, art, language, and social customs of the Emerald Isle.

Audience participation plays a large role in Tom and Debbie O'Carroll's performance. They will learn some phrases in the Irish language, discover Celtic knot art, find out what the colors in the Irish Flag mean, meet Molly Malone from Dublin, figure out a riddle poem by the Irish writer Jonathan Swift, join in a song about a Belfast belle, visit an Irish sweet shop, practice an Irish jig and much, much more! 

Tom O'Carroll plays the guitar, banjo, tin whistle and bodhran (Irish drum). He is a graduate of University College, Dublin. He taught elementary school in Ireland before becoming a full-time musician 25 years ago. Debbie O'Carroll studied dramatic arts at Emerson College and at Lesley College where she received her M.A. She writes the scripts, creates the props and designs the costumes for her solo school and library shows.

Tom & Debbie O'Carroll have appeared at The Magic & Music Expo in Limerick, Ireland, on the television program "Siar is Aniar" in Ireland, at The Charles Ellis School in Savannah, Ga., at O'Friel's Pub's Children's Concerts in Wilmington, De., at the Harvard (Mass.) Public Library,  at the Milwaukee Irish Festival, at The Irish Fair of Minnesota, at  St. Agnes School in Dalton, Mass., at Tara Feis in Savannah, Ga., at the Alachua County Library in Gainesville, Fla. and at many other venues.

For Information Phone (978) 462-9954

"You captured the students attention from the very beginning... certainly the best Irish children's show we've seen. Later, I was impressed by how much they'd retained."
- Margaret Clark, Special Ed. Teacher, Newark, N. Y.

Glendalough, Co. Wicklow