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"Thank you for a truly delightful program ...
yours was one of the best for children that I have ever seen."


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The Magic Library a captivating play with stage magic, comedy and audience participation that celebrates the joys of reading and writing. Debbie plays Debra Cadabra a woman who gets lost in the library. There, she, with the audience's help, explores different kinds of children's literature. Together they compose a fairy tale, a biography, a mystery, a cookbook, a science book and a volume of poetry. The Magic Library is ideal for ages 4 to 10. Debbie also offers a version of The Magic Library for tweens!

Debbie's other magic shows that highlight books and literature are; "The Yankee Doodle Magic Show", "The Monster Medley Magic Show" and "The Irish Magic Show".

The Railroad Magic Show


...celebrates everyday heroes for the 2015 Summer Reading Program. Children love trains and magic shows! This innovative program for ages 3 to 10 features participatory stage magic, zany comedy and some renowned heroes, superheroes, unlikely heroes and everyday men and women who intrigue and inspire. Hop on Debbie's amazing magical train and join in the fun!

Alice Kazoo



The Irish Magic Show


...blends enchanting stage magic with lively physical comedy to introduce the audience to a clan of classical characters from Irish children's literature. They will meet a comical, ghostly pooka, and participate in an Irish language poem about a banshee. They will discover the secrets of the Salmon of Knowledge, meet an elusive sea serpent called an Ollphéist and encounter the mischievous, headless Dullahan. Ages 4 to 12 will delight in the charm of magical Ireland. Watch a video clip.







Flower Power a zany magic show about a day in the life of a honeybee. Debbie uses stage magic,
comedy and theatre to acquaint children ages 4 to 12 with

the social structure of a honeybee colony. Debbie will portray the different jobs that worker bees do to keep the hive running smoothly. The Flower Power Magic Show is a fun way to learn about the fragile ecology of honeybees. 





Irish Magician

The Build A Better World Magic Show Debbie's offering for the 2017 Collaborative Summer Library Programand it is truly a treat for those who delight in the "out of the ordinary"! This program highlights some of our world's iconic buildings and wondrous architecture. Audiences will share the enchantment of London Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, the Great wall of China, the Stone Circles of Ghana, the Taj Mahal, Blarney Castle and the Hagia Sophia. Based on Debbie's ever-popular "Small World Magic Show", the Build A Better World Magic Show features stage magic, zany participatory comedy, lively audience involvement, and an innovative script that engages even the youngest child.

Flower Power


The Fun & Games Magic Show 

...learn about fitness through the art of stage magic. This fun-filled program is perfect for ages 4 to 12 and it reinforces the idea that exercise is good for you. Debbie's lively participatory magic show highlights the physical benefits of playground games, organized sports, dance and healthy nutrition.


Those on a budget may like to book Yoga Cadabra, a combination magic show and yoga class that introduces children to this ancient form of healthy exercise!

Debbie O'Carroll is a Registered Yoga Teacher.

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The Small World Magic Show 


...Magician Debbie O'Carroll's magic hat is on the fritz! Where in the world can she find a new one? Will she choose a wizard's hat from England, a sorcerer's turban from India, a conjurer's cap from China, a genie's fez from Turkey, a fairy godmother's hood from France, a seanachie's tam from Ireland, or a sprite's headdress from Ghana? Ages 4 to 11 will  delight in this magical quest around the globe. 

Full of amazing stage magic, lively physical comedy, and creative audience participation, The Small World Magic Show is a wonderful way to learn about world geography.


The Small World Magic Show




The Planets Magic Show


...because our knowledge of our solar system is constantly growing and changing,

The Planets Magic Show keeps current with each new discovery! Pluto "retired",

but gained two new moons. Water was found on Mars

and five dwarf planets have joined the classical planets.

Debbie plays the role of each planet and uses amazing stage magic, innovative theatre and lively comedy to intrigue and delight audiences ages 4 to 10 with our fascinating planets.

          Planet Magic Show




The Celebrate the December Holidays Magic Show an exciting and colorful program that will captivate children ages 4 to 12 with mystifying stage magic, lively comedy and enchanting lore. The audience will actively participate in Debbie's merry celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah, Las Posadas, The First Day of Winter, Dewali, New Year's Eve, Bodhi Day, St. Stephen's Day, Three King's Day, Kwanzaa and more as they learn about the different holidays that light up this special month. The Christmas Magic Show and an The Irish Christmas Magic Show are is also available.

For an especially festive program, folksinger Tom O'Carroll will add some favorite holiday sing-along songs to this show!

Trick or Treat

The Trick or Treat Magic Show

...combines stage magic, physical comedy and tap
dancing with lots of audience participation to make
this show perfect for young Halloween revelers
ages 3 to 9. The audience will imagine themselves at

a ghostly tea party and pretend to trick or treat at a
haunted house. They will help design a magical
costume, make sound effects for a silly nightmare,
solve the mystery of a vanishing monster, and more.



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The History Mystery Magic Show

...Debbie's favorite magic wand is missing! Young readers are invited to join Debbie in this lively celebration of American history and stage magic as she imagines herself going back in time to ask some of our founding mothers to help her solve the mystery. The audience will meet Sybil Ludington, the female Paul Revere; Mary Pickersgill, the maker of the Star Spangled Banner; Dolley Madison, our fourth first lady and Mrs. John Brenon, the first woman stage magician in the U.S. They will also share the magic of the biographies of
Sacagawea, Molly Pitcher and Phillis Wheatley.

For a special performance of "The Yankee Doodle Magic Show", folk singer and musician, Tom O'Carroll will accompany Debbie with American tunes on the banjo and guitar and invite the audience to sing along with some old time favorites.

American Animals

The Monster Medley Magic Show

...features some legendary animals and mythical monsters of North America. Audiences will meet Punxsutawney Phil, the official American groundhog; play a game with Champ, the monster of Lake Champlain; discover Bigfoot, our continent's version of the Abominable Snowman; untangle the bones of Tyrannosaurus Rex, our own native dinosaur and more. This magic show is for ages 3 to 9. Watch a video of The Monster Medley Magic Show.

For a special performance of "The Monster Medley Magic Show", musician

Tom O'Carroll will accompany Debbie with American tunes on the banjo and 
guitar and invite the audience to singalong with some old time favorites.

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Budget Magic Shows

...are the same quality as Debbie's other programs, but on a smaller scale for
smaller audiences. They are filled with amazing magic, delightful comedy,
active participation and the fun props and colorful costumes that make for
memorable photographs!
Choose from one of seven different shows:

1) Magician Debbie O'Carroll performs a traditional, funtime magic show.
2) The Fairy Grandmother's Magic Show features enchanting fairytale magic.
3) The Topsy Turvy Tea Party echoes the madcap world of Alice in Wonderland.
4) The Silly Monster Magic Show captivates all with playful monster themed magic.
5) Celebrate the Holidays with The Fairy Grandmother sparkles with merry
celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and more.
6) The Around The World Magic Show with The Fairy Grandmother introduces languages, customs and cultures of people around the globe.  
Tea with Seanmháthair Sidhe is full of fun with the Irish Fairy Grandmother.
Click here to read a news article about The Irish Fairy Grandmother. 

 Tom & Debbie O'Carroll's Irish Magic Show


...blends lyrical stage magic with Irish music, as Debbie joins her Irish-born husband, folk singer, Tom O'Carroll, on stage. Audiences will learn about Irish history, language and social customs as they participate in the exciting and entertaining music and magic of Ireland. This program is perfect for grades K through 8, family audiences and fund raisers. Watch their video.

    Tom & Deb

Photographs by J.G. Stewart

Debbie O'Carroll has NEST funding.

(New England States Touring)


  Strolling Magic


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"Thank you for a truly delightful program...yours was one of the best for children that I have ever seen. You really did hold their attention, and there was quite a range in age."

- Lynnfield (Mass.) Public Library

"What a pleasure to have you with us this year!"

- Milwaukee Irish Fest

For more information phone (978) 462-9954


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